Wheat-less Wednesday: Nature Box

Another week, another Wheat-less Wednesday! I’m really excited to tell you all about this new fangled snack invention that is the focus of this edition.

So my wonderful fiancé, Christopher, got me a 3-month Nature Box subscription as a thoughtful gift for finishing my first year of grad school. I had looked at the Nature Box site a couple times, but was so pleasantly surprised that he got the subscription and excited to try all the cool gluten free snacks.

photo 2

Let me tell you a bit about Nature Box. Overall it is a company that sends healthy snacks right to your door. First you pick the length of your subscription, and they send you one box a month. Then, you pick what size box you would like, 5,10, or 20 snack bags. Once you have signed up you have the option to pick the snacks you want or you can put surprise snacks in your “pantry”. The best part is you get to personalize your pantry by making it gluten free, low cal, low sugar, or low fat and then they match snacks to your preference!

photo 3

I chose flax crostini bites, chipotle maple almonds, pear praline crunch, baked sweet potato fries, pb&j granola. They are all very good! My favorite so far is a toss up between the crostini bites and pear praline crunch. The pear praline crunch is a good mix of sweet and salty making it a perfect snack to satisfy most of your cravings.

I will admit I haven’t tried the granola yet, because that was the one thing that Chris requested so I am leaving it for him. The sweet potato fries were a bit of a let down. They have an odd texture, but whenever you are making gf crackers I shouldn’t be surprised about this.

Here is my snack line up for the next shipment. I’m excited!

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.03.56 PM


If you are a snacker you should definitely look into this, or if you are in need of a gift to support someone with healthy lifestyle choices, I would recommend Nature Box, it makes a great gift!



4 thoughts on “Wheat-less Wednesday: Nature Box

  1. Dad says:

    Another winning idea for you: You need to take the song “Manic Monday” by the Bangles and rewrite it for “Wheat-less Wednesday.”

    Just an idea.

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