Portland Part 2: Rollin

Well Hello there everyone! It has finally come time to recap the second half of my trip to Portland (better late then never!).

Before we get to that I will just show part of the reason I have been so busy lately! On Wednesday after my last final my skinny, kind mother came to help me clean up and pack my tiny apartment! I had to say goodbye to my 5 by 5 feet square room, but got to check off one of my life goals of being able to live with one of my best friends since kindergarten!

photo 1

Here is Linda in my tiny, now squeaky clean room. I swear it looked bigger with all my furniture in it, but that’s just me, I maybe crazy.

So now rewind back a weekend and the recap starts on Sunday. Our third day in Portland began with Church at a Proto-cathedral in Vancouver, WA. We had to look up what that was, it just means it used to be the cathedral. The church was gorgeous, and so were the flowers that were blooming everywhere!

photo 2 photo 1Then we stopped at Starbucks! Woo nothing like church, coffee, and Chris in the morning. We meandered over to a farmers market a couple blocks away where they had the most beautiful bouquets of flowers. I super wanted to buy one for my mom and (soon-to-be) mother-in-law for mothers day, but unfortunately I don’t think they would have traveled well.

3After tasting some hummus, trail mix, yummy popcorn, nuts, and salsa we obviously needed to eat some more and headed out in search of brunch place. We stumbled upon a quaint diner and enjoyed omelets and fresh fruit before heading out to Multinomah Falls!

The falls are only 30 minutes from Portland and we causally arrived a mere 2 hours after leaving Portland city limits. Why you ask? Well we had a few difficulties. Mistake #1: we figured there would be a place we could change out of our church clothes at the park….WRONG (well that’s what we thought at this point)! So we turned around in search of a gas station of McDonalds to change and grab some water for our hike. Mistake #2: In an attempt to not have to backtrack so far we decided to go to Cobet country store in the middle of nowhere. No, they did not even have a bathroom. So Chris changed in the porta potty and I discreetly changed in the car. Mistake #3 there was a scenic highway that lead to the falls, we figured we might as well take that….WRONG! We ended up on this TINY (like closing eyes every time we pass someone) road that practically hung off the side of a cliff. And the worst part was it had no exits! So we were stuck careening around hairpin turns for about an hour. But we finally made it!

photo 3

Needless to say there was some crabbiness, but we had to take advantage of the photo-ops!

photo 4

We hiked a little over a mile to a higher falls…

photo 5

The waterfalls were gorgeous and the sun was shining. It really did turn out to be a great day.

We headed back to Portland in search of some ice cream, and stumbled upon the best part of the trip! A totally gluten free bakery, Back to Eden. Oh man I was in heaven, I could get anything I wanted and it all looked so good. So I chose a cinnamon roll and chocolate donut (Chris tempted me so much with the Voodoo donuts).

photo 1 photo 2

The cinnamon roll definitely stole the show! I have been wanting a cinnamon roll for awhile and it satisfied all my cravings and just melted in my mouth. Sooo GOOD! I have been dreaming about it ever since.

We finished the day with fancy ice cream at the Salt and Straw. Look at all the fancy flavors, like Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Cracked Pepper or Mint leaves & Sea Urchin Meingues. I ended up just getting chocolate, I know super lame. But I did try the strawberry with cracked pepper and it wasn’t too bad. I think I would rather stick with my boring chocolate or vanilla though. Moral of the story I don’t think I’m quite hipster enough for fancy ice cream.

photo 3


I would definitely go back to Portland, it was a great weekend and fun to explore with Chris!



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