Portland Part 1: Octopus Tree

Happy Tuesday!

This weekend has been a whirlwhind, but in the best way possible. It all started on Friday in the Msp airport. I got a latte and enjoyed catching up on all my blog posts that I had missed while being holed up for finals week. Then, I boarded, and let me tell you it was the fanciest flight ever!! Each seat had a plug in and a usb port to charge your phone and a tv. And I assumed that you would have to pay for all the movies or tv shows, but I stood corrected. Everything was free, so I watched Captain Phillipes and got sufficiently depressed before watching 2 episodes of HIMYIM to cheer me up. Chris picked me up from the airport and we drove into the heart of Portland.

On Saturday our day started off with some Starbucks, because oh man they are on every street corner and we couldn’t resist. We walked to Voodoo’s doughnuts and stood in line to get a taste of the famous doughnuts (well Chris got a taste).

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

They had every flavor you could ever want! Like cocoa puff, apple fritters (those were taunting me), coconut, chocolate, pretty much anything that is full of sugar you could find on a donut.

photo 4

Yes, that is a maple bacon donut, and oddly enough Chris did not like it! Which is weird because bacon is definitely his favorite food. He did love the captain crunch donut though!

photo 5

Our adventures brought us to forest park, after a stop at whole foods for snacks for the journey (of course). We went for a great hike up above portland in beautiful weather.

photo 1 photo 2


But the coast definitely stole the show! After our hike, we drove about an hour and half west to Tillamook. The ride there was a bit dicy, there was some serious lack of dramamine, but the views were beautiful. Once we got there, we were both surprised it was so gorgeous and the weather was a perfect 60°! Chris kept saying Oregon is so underrated and I would have to agree.

photo 2 photo 2 photo 1 photo 5 photo 4

Haha the last picture is the octopus tree…and obviously that was me being an octopus!

And the wonderful day ended with dinner with an ocean view and a sunset on the ocean! Does it get any better?

photo 3photo-2


I hope you enjoyed the millions of pictures, especially all the selfies, and there will be more to come tomorrow as we venture into Portland Part 2!




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