Faith Friday: Finals Galore!

Why hello there! I apologize for being dead to the world there for about a week, but finals kind of kicked my butt. Let’s just say a little more preparation would have been helpful! And this was my diet this past week:

Unknown-6 images-6

I am currently on route to Portland, which I’m super excited about. My sister says I will fit in great, because it is all about hippies and coffee. While I wouldn’t consider myself a hippy I do love me some coffee. I am excited to explore the coast and hopefully eat some great food….and oh yeah see CHRIS!



But anyway back to Faith Friday a busy/stressful week of school helps me to put into prospective how awesome God is and just how little, we as humans, could accomplish without Him. Some might ask, how do you personally make time for prayer when you are stressed beyond belief? Well, clearly I am not the gold standard, but one of my new obsessions are podcasts! They are great because I can listen to them while I walk to school aka deepening my faith while making it to class on time-ish.

If you didn’t already know I walk to school 4 days a week, which is about a 25-30 minute walk one way. So it’s about an hour round trip, umm light bulb I could actually be using this time productively. For the first 7 months of the school year I walked in silence, but for lent I started incorporating Father Mike Schmidt’s homilies, from the UMD newman center in Duluth, MN into my morning and evening commute. He is a great dynamic speaker and I definitely come away with something after each podcast. If you aren’t familiar with podcasts here is a link to find them on iTunes. And if you have an iPhone all you have to do is download the podcast app and search Father Mike Homily. He will having you rolling on the floor laughing.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 2.02.21 PM


So check it out and add some deeper meaning to your commute!


P.s. some great recipes are coming your way soon, get excited!


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