Wheat-less Wednesday: Donut Edition!

So being a future Registered Dietician (God-willing), people think we only eat Kale 24/7. While this maybe true for some Nutrition people, most of us enjoy sweets although in moderation and for a treat.

One of the things I crave being gluten-free are donuts! I worked in a bakery during the summers in college and to this day they still call to me every time I am in a grocery store. So to satisfy my craving I ventured to Whole Foods and bought these, not knowing how truly wonderful they would be!

photo 1

I was very skeptical, as the instructions said to microwave for 15 seconds, I thought there’s no way this is going to be good or warm in this time. I was wrong. Oh my goodness they bring me back to teeny-weeny doughnuts at the fair. All you do is plop them in the microwave and you have warm,  cinnamony deliciousness waiting for you.

photo 5


And they tend to disappear quickly around this girl…


And to stay true to my future occupation I will share with you all not-so-stellar nutrition facts, it is good they are so small with the sugar and fat content. But hey we all need a donut every now and then!

photo 2


**As a side note this brand Kinnikinnik, also makes a gluten-free bread. While I would recommend the donuts I would hold back on the bread. It tended to fall apart easily and had a mushy overall consistency. Udi’s all the way!

If you’re in the market for a special treat look no further,give Kinnikinnick’s cinnamon sugar donuts a try!





One thought on “Wheat-less Wednesday: Donut Edition!

  1. Chris says:

    Being someone who likes their gluten, I can certainly attest to these donut’s deliciousness!
    (PS, what about Rudi’s bread???)

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