Cheap Healthy Eating

So living on a budget is pretty crucial when you are in Grad school, planning a wedding, and being gluten-free doesn’t help matters either. So here are 5 staple foods that I alway have that are super affordable and give you the vitamins and minerals to fuel your body properly so you aren’t on the blood sugar roller coaster all day long.

1. Eggs: some would consider them the perfect food. They have fat which will keep you full longer and protein. And let me just say eggs go with EVERYTHING. Lately I have been enjoying them on top of a bed of roasted vegetables (whatever I happen to have at the moment) and the yolk is a great creamy sauce. Yum!

photo 3 photo 4

2. Beans: My staple is Bush’s reduced sodium Black beans. Now even though they are reduced sodium you always want to rinse the beans to get all the black gook off of them. Rinsing helps to get rid of a lot of the salt content. You can add beans to salads, eggs, my personal fav: sweet potatoes, etc

photo 1

3. Frozen Fruits: You all know how much I love my oatmeal, but fresh fruit especially in winter can break the bank so I opt for frozen raspberries. They taste the same and offer the same vitamins as fresh raspberries at a fraction of the cost. They go great on top of overnight oats (which you will soon hear about, I promise).

photo 5

4. Spinach and sweet potatoes: For some reason these 2 vegetables in my mind are categorized together. Sweet potatoes/yams are usually only 99 cents a pound and they’re huge! I like to roast them whole or cut them to make sweet potato fries. And spinach is just a necessity it can go in eggs, base of salads, in pasta-dishes. It is a superfood that does it all. And bonus is filled with Iron, folate and MANY other vitamins.


5. Oatmeal: So you all know my love of oatmeal and you can get a giant tub for around $4 give or take a little depending on what off brand you get. Start off you day with a filling bowl of deliciousness, instead of sugary cereal that will you leave you hungry in an hour.

photo 3

Fill your grocery cart with these foods the next time you go shopping and feel your wallet expand while your waist shrinks!





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