Wheat-less Wednesday: Snack Spotlight

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

Naturally chips and salsa are both gluten-free (well except for whole grain tortilla chips, how do I know this? answer: I was sick over Christmas and couldn’t figure out why until I looked at the chips I was dipping into my spinach and artichoke dip and what do you know… gluten). Anyway this is not like a shocking discovery but this wheat-less Wednesday does involve a dang good recipe that gives you salsa that is low in sodium, calories and a great healthy option for a snack.

So this weekend my dad made homemade salsa from a recipe that he got from one of his friends while they lived in San Diego. And oh man let me tell you I cannot stop eating it! It’s fresh, light, and full of flavor and really quite perfect for the after holiday feeling when all you want is fresh veggies.

Here is the recipe it is quite simple and easy.

Large can of whole, peeled tomatoes (28 oz.)
1 tablespoon vinegar
4 or 5 green onions
2 limes
Salt and pepper
10 or so Cilantro sprigs
2 or 3 jalepeño peppers
2 or 3 cloves garlic

Slice onions and peppers. Smash the garlic. In the food processor, mix garlic, onions, and peppers, add other ingredients with the tomatoes last. Do not process too much, as few pulses as possible.

This is what it looks like after it is half eaten, trust me this will probably be what it looks like 2 seconds after you make it!


Last night, I enjoyed the salsa on top of taco salad filled with spinach, black beans, avocado, greek yogurt, and quinoa.


Try it out and thanks for the recipe dad!



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