Sweatin out Sugar


Ok Chris sent this to me yesterday and I almost died I was cracking up. The baby is super cute and come on who doesn’t love St. Anthony?



I had a great Easter with Chris and both our families! Here we are at Easter Vigil Mass. Chris is looking quite dapper with his fancy suit.



Anyway thanks to my grandmother and her house full of jelly beans, candy and specially made (for her whiny gf granddaughter) gluten-free o’henry bars that were even shaped into little nests, I definitely hit my quota of sugar for probably the next decade! Oh my goodness they are so good, Grandmas just are the best!

photo 2 photo 1

So after the sugar rush of yesterday this morning I went for a run in Cloquet before returning to Minneapolis, and that is where the sweating out sugar comes into play. I really think my body was  detoxing through my pores. But anyway on my EARLY morning run I was greeted with this view. It just made me smile and stop to thank God for creating such beauty.

photo 2


This picture spurred me to take other pictures of the views I see everyday to focus and marvel at the little things in life.

But first, here is me celebrating chacos and capri and biking weather (mine is the mountain bike on the end with the ghetto lock)! Wooohooo

photo 3 photo 4

And back to the scenery. Here is from the Stone Arch bridge on my way to a meeting.

photo 1 photo 2

Just a little reminder that there is so much beauty all around us if we just take the time to slow down and appreciate it!

Happy Monday everyone.





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