Countdown to the Wedding: Long Distance for Life

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I sure did for two BIG reasons. My mom is FINALLY home from Florida and treated me to some Chic Fil-a and Chris came to visit! So I guess maybe that is three, though I feel like chicken and waffle fries should not rank with my mother’s welcome home and Chris.

Let’s back up, on Friday night Chris and I went to see Jim Gaffigan in Minneapolis. He made so many jokes about healthy foods. Chris said his wife is a Nutritionist and I was loving all the jokes about almond, soy, and hemp milk. He even poked fun at Whole Foods, such a great time.



On Saturday we met up with my parents and while my dad had to coach Destination Imagination we went out to lunch and a little shopping.

After our fun afternoon, Chris made me guacamole as part of dinner. And then for a treat we went to Izzy’s for ice cream and they had gluten-free cones!!

IMG_1146 photo

Now to the heart of the issue. As many of you know Chris and I have been long distance about 90% of our relationship. It started from the very beginning in South Bend, IN and Steubenville, OH (5 hrs apart) then moved to Minneapolis and Phoenix (28 hrs apart)and now to our current situation of Minneapolis and Cloquet (2 hrs). We thought that 2 hrs would be sooo much better and it is, but it is still  hard to say goodbye every weekend. It gives new meaning to the phrase TGIF.

I think because we have been long distance for so long, and now we are engaged, people somehow consider us a success. I get asked all the time, especially from friends who are considering long distance “how did/do you do it?” I don’t think there is one right answer because relationships are all so different, but it sparked some curiosity in me. So I asked Chris what are the 5 things he thought were essential for our long distance relationship. And then I thought about it myself and we both answered separately. Now lets see what we had to say….. Well actually because Chris and I both like to write novels you will have to tune in tomorrow to read the 5 things that make our relationship tick!



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