Happy Birthday Twin

So This post is a little late but I have to do it because it is my twins birthday today! Yay, I love her so much and here is my photo montage in her honor.

100_07481016891_10100100562813512_646246241_n DSCI0439 DSCI0443 DSCI0121 100_0530 Sara and Alyssa in Lake Superior


In other news, besides my sister’s birthday it was a pretty big day for me. I finished a big project doing a 24 hour recall and nutrient analysis with a Dutch student for Medical Nutrition Therapy. It was a fun (but very long) experience to meet and talk with her and learn about their food culture. If you’re interested, she said there are also big into the paleo diet fad , which surprised me. She was also very curious as to why I was not obese and how many students at the U were obese and why. The cause of obesity is a hard question to answer.

As that experience ended I started something new today. I met with my first ever “patient” all by myself. I took my first stab at weight loss counseling and it was definitely not perfect, but I really enjoyed talking with her and it reinforced why I am in grad school and what it will be like to be a real-life RD in just a year and half. Very Cool!

All in all, a great day! Happy Birthday Sister and Happy Monday to all of you!




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