DWTS Recap

Happy Tuesday and April Fool’s Day!

Oh man I am realizing I am not a good April Fooler, I was trying to think of some successful April Fools pranks to share with you, but all I’ve got is my freshman year of college my friend went to take a shower and we seran-wrapped the things in her room, and I think we tried to shrink-wrap her into the shower by covering the door. It makes me chuckle but it’s not one of those super-intensive, well-thought-out kind of thing. I will need to scheme up some good pranks to drop on Chris next year!

So clearly while I have a million things going on this week, and not enough time, I somehow get hooked on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS). And when I say somehow, I mean I planned it into my night, but got super into it and couldn’t stop watching or do anything productive during the 2 hour show. Before I discuss the new episode, can I just say how weird it is to have Meryl Davis and Charlie White on a dancing show? Um hello, they are trained dancers….and even trained ballroom dancers! Of course I have a love-hate relationship with them on DWTS because they are figure skaters (so I HAVE to love them) but they are supposed  to be learning how to dance and they are already professionals.

Unknown-1 1352830735pre-1395155918


And the thing that really gets me is that the judges don’t give them perfect scores…yet don’t tell them anything they did wrong.

Anyway, this week’s show was all about the most memorable years of the celebs lives. Let me tell you, there was some tear jerkers, especially Amy’s story of losing both her feet due to meningitis and her dad giving her one of his kidneys to save her. This week she was given the contemporary dance and I think everyone was crying at the end. It was beautiful and makes you realize how much we take for granted and how much we complain about the small stuff in life when there is SO much to be thankful for.

Like this guy, who I got the pleasure of spending all weekend with at the engaged retreat this weekend. Love him!

photo 1 photo 2

So today take time to enjoy the little things in life and don’t waste time investing your energy in anxiety, fear, or “sweating the small stuff.”


Did anyone else watch DWTS? What did you think?




One thought on “DWTS Recap

  1. Dad says:

    I was going to watch Dancing with the Stars, but found it to be more fun to take my eyeballs out with a fork and juggle them.

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