Rain = Spring?

Today is a rainy, drizzly, gross weather kind of day! Which makes it a good day to study, drink coffee, and read blogs!

So today’s lunch came together rather quickly because I was a.) very hungry and b.) in a hurry! I whipped up a super simple chicken salad with no mayo! First lets start with the hunger issue, I worked up an appetite from spin class. Rain = inside = 17.3 miles on the bike in 45 minutes = feeling the burn.


My after workout fuel started off with some leftover baked chicken. I shredded it and put in a scoop of plain greek yogurt and a  squeeze of mustard.

photo 1Then I diced some green onions, because a chicken salad sandwich is just not the same without green onions. Love them!

photo 2


Add the lovely onions to the chicken mix with some ground pepper and lime juice. Now this is where it gets fun! You can add cut grapes, walnuts, pickles, celery, or really whatever your heart desires! I added celery then rounded out my sandwich with swiss cheese and a heaping serving of veggies dipped in garlic hummus!

photo 3 photo 5

Now the rest of the day is devoted to studying….because Chris and I will be at our Engaged Encounter this weekend. I am super excited for this retreat and to spend time with Chris and other engaged couples in the area while growing in faith together. I still remember one of my friends from Franciscan not enjoying their engaged encounter so much because it brings up all the issues (family, communication, money, etc…) that you typically avoid talking about. But I say bring on the communication and the prayer!




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