sun, Sun, SUN!

This past week I left the frozen tundra, went to Florida and returned to MN where the tundra greeted me once again. I think the weather actually took a step back, in my absence. Come on MN, I know you can do it, I am ready for spring time! Anyway lets recap the sunny days in FL and hopefully momentarily forget the cold.

photo 2

We arrived in Florida Saturday night to a warm welcome by my mother, and our first stop was for some sweet tea (no surprise there)! We missed out on some Cajun boiled peanuts on our stop, but alas it was almost midnight at this time.

On Sunday we went to church with Gma and had breakfast with her crew at Lil Bits cafe. I obviously ordered a veggie omelette rounded out with fresh fruit and hash browns. I love when you can sub fruit for toast (in small towns in northern MN when you ask for fruit they stare at you blankly and say we don’t have fruit). That night my twin arrived, let the family time commence!

photo 1 photo 1 photo 5

Can I just say how much I love my family! We enjoyed some pickle ball, puzzle, pool, and beach volleyball time!

We also had a cooking lesson while we were there. My aunt taught us how to make her infamous red sauce…

photo 2

I will share more on this later, and include the recipe, because it was delicious!

On Tuesday, Sara and I went swimming with the Manatees. We had to go at 6:15 am because that is supposedly when the manatees are more “playful” or willing to interact with humans.

We had to be prepped on the importance of not scaring these slow, gentle mammals and the proper technique to touch them (one hand only and they must come to you). Next we were outfitted with wet suits and got on the boat. It was still dark, and despite my Minnesota blood I was a wee bit chilly.

photo 1 photo 2

But it was a success, our group got to see 4 manatees! My sister found one of the manatees, because well, that’s just what she does. We got to see a baby, who was nursing at one point, and 3 adults. Unfortunately they were sleeping, so according to our training were not allowed to disturb them. It was awesome seeing them so close, and they were resting near a natural spring, so the water was crystal clear! Such a cool experience!

photo 3 photo 4

It was also fun to see Sara in her natural environment doing something she is so passionate about. Now if only Lake Superior was a constant 75° so manatees could live there and she could come back to MN and take care of all of them! One can only dream!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Has anyone gone on any fun trips lately?



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