Wheat-less Wednesday: Granola Bar Edition

Greetings from Florida!

This Wednesday I will highlight my top 3 granola bars. Long days at school make packing snacks and especially portable, easy snack such as granola bars essential. Usually around 10 am I have a bar and a piece of fruit for a snack that is filling while slipping in a serving of fruit and fiber.

My favorite bars are Lära bars. Oh my goodness I think if I was on a secluded island and had to live off one food for the rest of my life I would pick Lära bars. It would be kind of cheating because there are about a million and one flavors…but you get the point, they are delicous. They are gluten-free, vegan and come in every flavor imaginable.  I recently looked them up online for a 24-hr diet recall (for an assignment) and they even make a pumpkin pie bar! However, sadly it’s only offered in the fall…rude. The best part about Lära bars is that they usually have 4-5 ingredients in them, and all of the ingredients are real foods that you can pronounce! They are usually made from walnuts/almonds and dates with various flavors mixed in. And if you’re thinking “wow I have never seen these before and you must only be able to buy them at a health food store or Whole Foods,” then think again! You can purchase these babies almost everywhere…even Wal-mart! Actually I think Wal-mart offers them for the best price, but they are on sale at Target right now, so there are no excuses, go out and try one!

My private collection of Lära Bars:

photo 1 photo 4

My next favorite energy bar is Simply Perfect. Like Lära bars they are made from few ingredients and not all chemicals, but they have less fruit and more nuts. My favorite flavor is oatmeal chocolate chip, and I think it tastes like a delicious cookie/dessert. They have a smooth, chewy consistency, that I love. Another plus, is that they are cheaper than Lära bars, but on the down side there are way fewer flavors and variety.

Simply Perfect:

Unknown images-2

Last, are Kind bars. Now if you are looking for a granola bar that tastes like a candy bar here is your option. Two of my favorite flavors are dark chocolate cranberry cashew, and maple pecan. This bar has more of a crunchy feel with bigger chunks of nuts. My grandma shares my love of kind bars and seems to have a never-ending supply of Kind bars in her pantry in infinite choices! I may leave Florida with some full pockets (oops :))

Here is my grandma’s stash of Kind bars:

:photo 1 photo 2

So now that you are sufficiently hungry from looking at delicious granola bars, go out and try some! They are all gluten-free and will make your day brighter.

Remember a little Faith, Hope & Quinoa can go a long way!




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