Shop til we dropped

I am currently on a plane en route to Sanford, Fl (I have read that many times on blogs and was excited to type that, the flying part not the Sanford part). One of the great things about flying from the Duluth airport is that the drive to the airport takes approximately 25 minutes compared to the 2 hour jaunt down to Minneapolis. One caveat is that they don’t exactly fly to the bigger destinations such as Phoenix and Orlando, but fly to other tiny airports outside the big cities, such as Mesa (35 minutes from Phoenix) and Sanford (~ 40-45 minutes from Orlando). Which means it’s great for us flying from northern MN, but those picking us up don’t find them quite as amusing. One funny thing about the Duluth airport, is up until last year when they remodeled it, there was no bathrooms in the gate. So once you went through security you were stuck until you landed (if you’re like me and avoid airplane bathrooms like the plague).

images-1 photo 1

After the random Duluth airport tangent, let us get to the weekend. Chris and I got up on Saturday morning and continued our half marathon training with a 4 mile run. Nothing like running in 10° weather to wake you up in the morning. Chris treated me to some Duluth Coffee Company freshly ground coffee after our run (with only a little coaching from his dad) then we parted ways to shower and eat. Speaking of breakfast, my dad made me oatmeal! He usually makes the heart healthy version, which basically means a bigger portion than the usual serving, because no one in our family is watching our cholesterol. But this morning, in an attempt to follow correct portion sizes, he used the directions on the box. Our bowls looked pretty pitiful compared to our usual heaping amounts. I fixed this problem by adding blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Because we were leaving we were on a mission to eat all of the fruit so that it not go bad…challenge accepted! The final product was mostly a fruit salad with a bit of oatmeal mixed in here and there, delicious none the less.

photo 3 photo 4

After quickly packing Chris and I headed off to Duluth for our REGISTRY…after we made a smoothie with all the leftover berries (we take fruit seriously in our house). We decided to register at Target and L&M, a local fleet supply store. Shopping with Chris is always a rough fun experience. That boy can get distracted by anything/everything. I think having the scanning gun in his hand helped him to remember why we were there, after the initial “Alyssa take a picture of me with my gun” (ensue slew of Charlies Angels/ Star Wars poses complete with sound effects) excitement wore off. He wouldn’t let me touch it for the first half hour, but eventually he gave in and let me scan one thing. We had a great time playing house and scanning fun things but left exhausted! It was hard work. We rounded out our afternoon with a lunch at Panera and then Chris dropped me off at the airport. We will be extra long distance this week, Chris will be in Oregon for work and I will be in Florida for pleasure.

photo 5 photo 1

Florida here I come!

Add a little Faith, Hope & Quinoa to your weekend!


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