Thankful it’s Thursday!

Oh boy I am very grateful today! Here are a few of the blessings in my life:

1. For spin class. I have a love-hate relationship with it, but I cannot deny it is a great workout and I am hooked on it. We shall see how it fits in with my half marathon training. For now my loyalties are with my spin class.

2. For ending my night with this. Yes, that is a delicious gluten-free doughnut, and yes, future dietitians eat doughnuts!


3. For Cub Foods and their sale on spinach, which allowed me to make a spinach and walnut pesto with roasted sweet potato for dinner. Recipe to follow, because it was simply delicious, but still needs a bit of tweaking.

4. SWEATSHIRT weather. It was 48° in Minneapolis today, praise the Lord!

5. Friendship! I don’t want to give too much away, but there is an AWESOME blog post coming to you tomorrow from one of my closest friends, Carol. Please come check it out, it will make your Friday THAT much better, I promise!

photo IMG_0746

A little Faith, Hope & Quinoa goes a long way



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