Faith Fridays

Welcome to Faith Fridays!

Hello! This is the first of hopefully many “Faith Fridays” here on Faith, Hope, and Quinoa. When Alyssa told me that she was starting a blog, I was SO EXCITED! I responded by telling her how great it was that she could provide witness as a Catholic woman in the world. She replied that the blog was more focused on food than Catholicism….but that maybe there could be some faith related topics included. Thus, Faith Fridays was born, and Alyssa invited me to be a guest blogger. I’m honored by her gracious invitation.

Before getting started, I would like to introduce myself to you all! I’m Carol, one of Alyssa’s dear friends. We met while serving at Maggie’s Place together. We have shared more stress about mothers, joyful moments holding babies, visits to Chipotle, and heart to hearts about our lives than you think could be possible in one year together! Alyssa and I share much in common: gluten free diets, love for our girlfriends, an addiction to reading blogs, and the perpetual search of the perfect summer dress. However, the most important thing which we have in common is our Catholic faith. And that is what I hope to share with you during Faith Fridays!

So why exactly am I qualified to be a guest blogger about FAITH? You might say it is because I’m currently in my first year of lay ministry formation at the University of Notre Dame (also known as the Master of Divinity program). Or because I majored in Religious Studies. Or because I studied abroad in Rome for a year. Or because I’m a cradle Catholic. But really, I think what makes anyone qualified to write a blog post on faith is that they are one of God’s children.

One of my strongest convictions about faith is that each of us is one of God’s beloved! Thus, I believe cultivating a relationship with God to be of upmost importance in order for each human person to flourish! It is humbling to share my Catholic faith with all of you. I hope it will prompt some reflection on your own spiritual journey and relationship with God.

In faith,



2 thoughts on “Faith Fridays

  1. Connie says:

    Hi Carol! What a wonderful first Faith Friday post. I hope the “stress about mothers” doesn’t apply to me and your mother. I am so excited to see Alyssa tonight, it has been a whole month.

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