Official MOH

This post is dedicated to my sister twin for both good and bad reasons.

Let us start with the good. I received this in the mail yesterday:

photo 2

Which means I officially have a maid of honor (MOH) and she wrote a beautiful letter to me, which if you know Sara is just one of her many gifts. She writes the best letters, you know the kind where you open it and just see writing everywhere, not just one measly line at the bottom before a signature. And she is funny, her letters always make my day. This one especially just makes me excited for the wedding knowing she will be right there with me. I wish Dec 27th would be here sooner…oh wait that would mean I would need to have cake and a caterer oh goodness.

Another good thing in regards to my twin, is now I can start my official countdown to Florida, I leave in 2 days and can’t wait!. Soo I guess that is a pretty short countdown, but important nonetheless. There are rumors of swimming with manatees on our trip (I will keep you posted), but I’m most looking forward to spending time with my mom, grandma, and sister who all happen to be residing in Florida at the moment.

1604633_10152206718072518_88386537_n 1530386_10152206716202518_1877797330_n100_0748 Here are pictures from previous Florida trips…can’t wait to feel that sun!

Last, let us get to the not so great, spring is here and the puddles are out in force, making my morning commute very treacherous. But I will take running and jumping over puddles, because it means the sun is out and it is warm enough outside to melt the snow! My five winters away from Minnesota have made me weak and living in Phoenix sounds more and more appealing. What does this have to do with Sara, you may ask?


So much slush! Good thing my sister borrowed my whale rain boots and returned them with a giant hole in the heel. But hey that’s what sisters are for, borrowing stealing clothes and shoes from each other, and most of the time it doesn’t make it back to the original owners closet. I still love her and can’t wait to give her a big MOH hug on Saturday!



3 thoughts on “Official MOH

  1. Laura says:

    Wait… I thought your dad was making the Florida too!?! … or maybe you’re not just that excited to hang out with him?! 🙂

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