And so it begins…

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

This is a very special Monday! Not only is it my first blog post, but also the start of my half marathon training plan (eek!). Chris and I will be running Grandma’s Half in Duluth, MN on June 21st. This will definitely be a good motivator, because at this point, the longest run I have ever done is around 6 miles. Let the training commence (at this point it is only 2 miles a day, but still)!

Now onto breakfast, I have a BIG obsession with oatmeal at the moment. I eat it for breakfast almost every day and sometimes lunch and dinner… Anyway this bowl was especially delicious and had chia seeds, a smashed banana, cinnamon, pecans, and of course the best part Blackberries! My roommate in Phoenix last year got me hooked on blackberries, and I never looked back!

A simply delicious breakfast!

A simply delicious breakfast!

So now I am off to a Kettle Bell Express class, and then to fit in my 2 miles of training before class. I think I just might survive the training for today 🙂



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